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I live deep in the heart of the United States. I'm sweet and sassy just like the women in my books. I love writing short, steamy, borderline chili-pepper-hot romance.

My books are short and steamy and always include an HEA. I like real characters with flaws, pain, and problems. But everyone deserves their own happily ever after, so you'll never be disappointed by cliffhangers or couples who cheat.

I hope my stories inspire you, light a fire in your heart, and make you laugh and sometimes cry for joy. But most of all, I hope you reach The End with love in your heart for the characters you chose to spend time with.

Write to me anytime: pipercookauthor @ gmail dot com or visit with me on social media (scroll for links.)

<3 Piper

Found Family. Instalove. Romance

He's not looking for forever. She doesn't trust her gut. Can they find love in each other's arms for more than just one night?


My strict upbringing led to a lot of poor choices when I finally tasted freedom.

With the help of my best friend, I’ve come to terms with the guilt of falling short of others' expectations.

When a handsome bouncer saves me from a bathroom mishap, I throw caution to the wind.

Jax is the night in shining armor that literally charms the pants off me.

Can I enjoy life's guilty pleasures or will my conscience overrule my heart?


I like freedom without emotional attachment, so female companionship is kept purely physical.

With a family as big and wild as mine, the last thing I want is more chaos in my life.

When she walks in our worlds collide, and she pierces the armor surrounding my heart.

Tess is a beautiful breath of fresh holiday air and I'll break the rules to make her mine.

Can I help her believe I want more than just one night with her?