Extra Steamy, Short Romances

Welcome to Kindlewood Café, where there’s always hot coffee, fresh gossip, and hearts ready for romance. The stories are short and steamy, naughty and delicious. If you enjoy reading about curvy, saucy women who speak their minds and follow their hearts, then Kindlewood Cafe is the place for you. Guaranteed HEA. No cheating. No cliffhangers.

Curvy Girl Short & Steamy Stranded Together Romance

She’s carefree and lives life by her rules. He’s a grumpy loner who plays by the book. Will their stubborn egos prevent them from bending the rules or will they roll the dice and play for keeps?


Life’s all about choices. If I’m going to play the game of life, I’ll do it by my set of rules.

Being a travel blogger suits my lifestyle to a tee. New places, new people, and no one to tie me down.

Until I’m assigned a partner, that is.

Diesel’s a humorless, muscular grump and I’ll do whatever it takes to loosen him up.

But when the games begin, there’s more at stake than a silly bet. I may have met my match.


I’ve spent my life chasing one adventure after another, but it’s time to trade in my tent for four solid walls.

Luckily, I land a photography job at a premier travel magazine, but it comes with a catch.

My partner is a hoity-toity travel blogger who’s determined to push my buttons.

Octavia’s worldly-wise, sharp-witted, and a master at playing games.

I’ll play, but the rule is winner takes all and I’m not about to lose.

Curvy Girl Short & Steamy Enemies to Lovers Romance

She’s bold and brazen. He’s sinfully shameless. When witty wordplay becomes a game of naughty poetry, will their deepest, darkest secrets become reality?


It started as an innocent game of book spine poetry.

But someone’s taken the game to a new level of steamy.

And I’ve become the focus of their racy and wild, book stacking ways.

Can I bring Mr. Big, Bearded, & Brilliant to his knees before he exposes all my darkest secrets?


There’s more to me than the big guy who lifts heavy objects.

I like to pick up books, too.

But I’ve got a wicked case of filthy desire, and Miss Model Behavior is on my naughty list.

Will cryptic messages be our last conversation or the start of something sinfully delicious?

Curvy Girl Short & Steamy, Opposites Attract, Hot Guy Next Door Romance

She avoids the public spotlight. He’s living large and loves attention. Can two hearts become one when their paths are leading them in opposite directions?


I made a name for myself early in life, but not one I’m proud of.

But I’m no longer a self-absorbed, immature girl taking selfies and looking for likes.

I’m proving myself as a real professional behind a camera lens.

Until he showed up.

Westin blurs my focus with his wild and wayward ways.

But will he and his family wreck my reputation and budding career?


Life’s been a breeze growing up in a life of privilege.

But I’m ready to live by my rules, not the criteria my family dictates.

When a spunky socialite moves in next door, my plans fly out the window.

Peyton is curvy, curious, and incredibly talented.

But will my larger-than-life family scare my camera-shy shutterbug away?

Curvy Girl Short & Steamy Billionaire Boss Romance

She’s savvy, kind, and all about customer service. He’s the billionaire who can make or break a person’s dream. Will his stubborn streak and her generosity be a deal-breaker to their future?


I’ve worked at Kindlewood Café for most of my adult life.

Some would say it’s a dead-end job, but not me.

Coffee breathes fresh life into someone’s day, helps them start it off in a good mood.

Then Mr. Grumpy strides into the place all demanding and bossy.

When I find out his real identity, my entire world turns upside down.

Will I lose the only job I’ve ever known to a man determined to get what he wants?


I didn’t make my fortune giving things away for free.

But sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money.

That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to buy the little coffee shop sight unseen for a steal.

When I walked into the place for the first time, I knew I was in trouble and in it deep.

Olive’s got sass, style, and the cutest dimple in her smile.

She’s not on the menu, but I’ll make her a deal she can’t refuse if it’s the last thing I do.