Black Tie Affair

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Second Chance Bully Romance

She’s not the broken woman she once was, but still carries the scars. He’s learned from his mistakes and become a better man and owes it all to her. Can they work together to heal their friendship and make a fresh start to a love that could have been?


It’s taken years to come to terms with the painful memories of my troubled childhood and I’ve sworn to never return to my hometown.

I’m grateful my journey to heal old wounds also led me to find my true passion in the world of fashion design.

But when a family emergency requires my help, I’m left with no choice but to return home and face the past. A past that includes my childhood crush and the fallout of our broken friendship.

Xander’s no longer the gangly brainiac I once knew who broke my heart. He’s filled out in all the right places and on a mission to make amends.

But can I trust him to protect my heart when he failed me before?


I’m not proud of the past and how I chose popularity over doing what’s right. I let down by best friend and the only woman who’s ever held my heart.

Her strength under pressure is what led me to become a better man. I’ve learned a lot through the years, and I’ve grown up since the old days.

I’ve imagined the day I’ll finally be able to apologize to her and lay my heart on the line. That day comes unexpectedly when I walk into her grandfather’s tuxedo shop for a fitting that goes awry.

Phoebe is strong, creative and has a womanly way about her that makes me weak in the knees.

Can she forgive me after all these years or is it too late for a second chance at happiness for us both?


If you love second chances and alpha heroes who aren't afraid to apologize for bad behavior, then you'll love Xander. He's ready to get down on his knees to win back the girl who got away.


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