Crushing on the Boss

Curvy Woman Short and Steamy Older Man Billionaire Boss Romance

She’s secretly pining for her boss. He doesn’t get romantically involved with employees. But will a close encounter throw a kink into both of their plans?


I’ve had a wild crush on my boss from the moment he hired me, but I’m tired of waiting for him to make the first move.

Boss’s Day is the perfect time to slip him a present that’ll blow his mind.

But when things go south, I’m hard-pressed to make a choice.

Do I take what I want? Or do I save face in front of my peers?


I crave her with a need so primal, I can feel her in my bones.

Harper’s my greatest desire and ultimate weakness.

She’s also my employee and eight years my junior. Off limits.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but today she might bring me to my knees.


If you love growly alphas, strong-headed women, and sticky sweet steam, then you'll love Ezra and Harper's love story.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Don't forget to grab the NSFW bonus scene linked at the end of the story.


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