Dessert First

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Close Proximity Instalove Romance

He’s put romantic relationships on hold. She’s had enough of big, brawny men who love and leave her. Can they navigate through a sea of wedding dresses, roses, and baked goods to find a love match in their flawed worlds?


My special hidden talent is falling for thick-headed fools who use me and leave me. But not anymore.

I’m determined to keep my focus on business and nothing more.

But one obstacle after another gets in my way and I find myself relying on the help of a stranger.

Zane is sexy and kind and I’d love for him to sample my goodies.

But can I get past the self-doubt that niggles at my brain or will I allow fear to push true love away?


Helping my sister pick up the pieces in the wake of her nasty divorce has kept me too busy for relationships.

But my life’s fine as it is. I’m in no hurry to change the status quo.

Until she walks through the door, that is.

Sage is beautiful and flawed and I wouldn’t want her any other way.

But can I convince her she doesn’t have to face her fear alone?


If you love growly protective alphas with cinnamon roll centers, then you'll love Zane and Sage's love story. It's sticky sweet and sinfully delicious.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Don't forget to grab the NSFW bonus scene linked at the end of the story.


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