Dragonfly Dreams

Curvy Girl Short and Steamy Friends to Lovers Small Town Instalove Romance

She keeps romantic relationships at arm’s length. He needs a fresh start away from his rocky past. Can a friends with benefits arrangement change their hearts forever?


I’m a rule breaker and far from ladylike. Don’t even try to pin a label on me. I’m no one’s property, arm candy or otherwise.

Moving away from an uptight town to Honey Ridge has given me space to breathe and live the lifestyle I choose without criticism.

When the new guy in town turns up in my bathroom claiming to be my love man, things get tricky.

Micah’s like a new shiny toy that breaks all the rules. No assembly required, no batteries needed, and moving parts that work.

But I’m not sure I’m ready for the lifetime guarantee he has in mind.


I got involved with the wrong crowd early in life and it’s hounded me through adulthood. I’m tired of being judged for my past and I’m ready to move on.

I get the break I need when I land a job at Bee Sweet Meadery in Honey Ridge. The only catch is sharing space with a stranger.

When I arrive in town a week early to settle in, my new roommate and I are in for quite a surprise.

Blair wraps me around her finger and wiggles her way into my heart with the bat of an eye and the sway of her hips.

Can I convince her there’s room for both love and independence in our lives?


If you love reformed bad boys with cinnamon roll centers, you'll love Micah and Blair's love story. Dragonfly dreams is steamy, short, and full of heart pounding heat.


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