Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Instalove Pretend Date Romance

There are a million ways things could go wrong, but only one way to make everything right. Just say you love me.


Of all the things I’m not prepared for, it’s overseeing Play Time Productions’ newest dating game.

It’s been a year since my divorce, but I can’t seem to get back in the saddle.

I’m awkward, untrusting, and I’ve forgotten how to date.

Though Finn, the hunky construction foreman on set, has my blood pumping and my heart pounding.

When he offers to teach me the ropes, I know he’s kidding, but I jump at the chance.

Can I learn to let go of my inhibitions and free my heart for love?


I’m the crack-up. The one who has a joke for everything.

But I’m not feeling light-hearted lately.

It’s selfish, but the dry spell I’m going through puts a damper on my mood.

Except when I’m with Ava. She’s the only person who lifts more than my spirits.

When she confides she’s lacking excitement in the dating department, I test the waters of interest and ask her out. For educational purposes, of course.

Will a crash course in Dating 101 bring us closer or give her wings to fly away?


If you love a hard-working man who's good with his hands and handy with a hammer, you'll love Finn. He's ready to unpin Ava's hair and fulfill her every naughty desire.

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