Forever After

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Workplace Instalove Romance

He’s a bachelor in no hurry to settle for just any woman. She’s a professional willing to go the extra mile for a client, but not for her own heart. Will a walk down the aisle together lead to happy ever after or goodbye forever?


I’ve seen my share of wedding day disasters, but I’ve never had to hold back the hair of a retching made-of-honor while the bride-to-be spirals out of control with cold feet.

When the best man swoops in to save the day, he sweeps me off my feet and down the aisle.

I’m alone, but not lonely. That is until I get a taste of what’s missing in my life.

Owen is large, in charge, and knows how play with my buttons.

But do I sacrifice my professional work ethic or follow my heart for my own happily forever after?


I’ve patiently waited for the right woman to come along. Someone formidable, confident, and determined like the women who raised me.

There’s no hurry. I can wait.

When a tenacious, curvy blonde knocks on my hotel room door and doesn’t take no for an answer, I know she’s the one.

Jasmine’s heart is not to be toyed with, so I’m playing for keeps.

Can I convince her love is more important than sticking to her strict set of professional rules?


If you love confident, persistent alphas who fall in love fast and hard, then you'll love Owen and Jasmine's love story. Wedding mishaps and a walk down the aisle lead two unlikely hearts to their own forever after.


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