Handle with Care

Curvy Woman Short and Steamy Instalove Romance

Spa days, elevators, and second chances. Are apologies and promises worth the risk when there are strings attached and hearts on the line?


Just when I think the past is long forgotten, he shows up on my doorstep. The man who made my school years a nightmare.

But his apology piques my interest, so I take to the internet to sneak a peek at the skeletons hiding in his closet. A few social media blunders later, I find myself face to face with him, agreeing to his offer of an all-expenses paid holiday.

There’s just one catch. I have to spend it with him. Can I keep our arrangement to business only or will temptation lead me into his arms?


Girls should come with instructions. And that handy guidebook should be required reading for teenage boys with raging hormones.

Flash forward to present day adulthood. I’m still not great with words and women, but I’m willing to beg forgiveness from the one woman I’ve never forgotten.

Now’s the time to make amends. I’ve got something she wants, and I want her to have it. Because she has something I want, too. I want more than her forgiveness. I need her love.

But can we rewrite the past for a fresh start, or will she turn the tables on me and wreck my heart?

Warning: When this reformed bully gets a second chance with the woman he’s always loved, he’ll spare no expense to win her heart. If you love cheering for the underdog, cinnamon roll heroes, curvy women, and steamy sweet romance, then you’ll love Vivian and Chase.


If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart and love steamy, short, second chance love stories, Handle with Care is for you. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers.


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