Holiday Heat

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Holiday Instalove Romance

She’s baked her way through a broken heart. He specializes in revving up the heat. Can he light her fire or will their budding romance go up in flames?


I’m getting my groove back after the heat fizzled out in my last relationship.

Thankfully, I’ve found my spark in a new town, new bakery job, and in volunteer work.

Then the furnace goes out on my biggest baking day of the year and a hot repair guy takes my heart by surprise, warming me from the inside out.

Mac is decadently delicious and knows how to stoke my fire.

He’s good with his hands, but can he fix my wounded heart or will he break it forever?


I’m content living the bachelor life with no relationship strings attached.

My parents and sister are the only family I need. At least that’s what I tell myself.

When the heat goes out, and I’m on call, a woman opens the door in nothing but a nightshirt and curves for days, throwing a red hot wrench in my future plans.

Hannah’s a shapely sex siren and she just dialed up the heat.

Will she trust me with her most sacred asset; her heart?


If you love a hard-working blue-collar man and a big-hearted baker, then you'll love Mac and Hanna. When the heat goes out, he's the only one who can light her fire.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Don't forget to grab the NSFW bonus scene linked at the end of the story.


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