Holiday Kisses

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Second Chance Holiday Romance

She’s the one who got away. He never showed her his heart. Will one of them make the first move for a second chance at love?


My life has been a string of embarrassing moments brought on by my meddling mother and ill-advised boyfriends.

With only a semester to go before graduation, it’s time to go home to make peace with the past before I decide where my future career path will take me.

Then my childhood best friend and secret crush pops up in my bedroom window and he gets an eyeful of me in all my naked glory.

Ace is handsome, funny and knows how to get under my skin.

His boyish charm stole my heart and left it broken years ago. Can I steal it back and pick up the pieces before it’s too late?


I should’ve told her how I felt years ago, but fear of losing her friendship stalled me in my tracks.

After she left, I tried to forget her by throwing myself into the family landscaping and lighting business and so far it’s worked.

I didn’t expect to see her today, especially not every inch of her. But the sight of her stirs up all the old feelings and brings a flicker of hope to my aching heart.

Sadie is petite, feisty and can turn me on with a simple smile.

How can I be sure she’ll stay without risking my heart?


If you love a hard-working blue-collar man, childhood crushes that get a second chance, and meddling mothers who play matchmaker, then you'll love Ace and Sadie's holiday reunion.


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