Holiday Moves

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Brother's Best Friend Holiday Instalove Romance

She keeps family at arm’s length. He dreams of a family to call his own. Can she be the family he longs for, and can he give her the love she craves?


It took moving away from family and a lot of hard work to gain my independence and create my dream job.

Now I travel the world without family ties holding me back.

When I go home for the holidays my over-protective big brother’s best friend unboxes my heart and now, I’m rethinking my priorities.

Nick is a sexy, towering wall of muscle with a heart that moves me into action.

Am I ready to start a new life chapter and be part of the family Nick has never known?


I’ve spent most of my life trying to separate myself from the past and fill the void in my heart.

An ordinary day on the job brings a family into my life that changes me forever; a best friend and a family who treats me like one of their own.

Then my best friend’s sister arrives home for the holidays and steals my heart, turning my entire world upside-down.

Vic is a strong-willed, curvy spitfire with moves that tempt me beyond my limits.

Can I risk loving Vic at the cost of losing my best friend and the only family I’ve ever known?


If you love wounded hearts made whole, the magic of holidays, and gathering around the table for a big family Christmas, then you'll love Nicholas and Victoria's love story.


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