Kiss Me Quick

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Small Town Instalove Romance

He’s buried in work with no time for a woman in his life. She’s feeling anything but happy-go-lucky in the dating department. But when circumstances throw them into each other’s arms, can they embrace the possibility of a future together or call it a one-time thing?


I’m a ticking time bomb of hormones currently working on a yearlong dry spell in the dating department. But I’d rather invest in batteries than waste my time on men interested in only one thing—their needs.

But my roommate calls in a favor and I’m stuck taking her place at a Kiss Me Quick speed dating event.

The evening starts out in disaster but takes a turn for the better when a fellow speed dater saves me from becoming a drowned rat.

Liam is ruggedly handsome, charming and one quick kiss turns the evening into lightning round.

But is there such thing as love at first sight? Can an evening of fun turn out to be so much more?


Between working a full-time job and hustling to get my tech business off the ground, there’s no room for a woman in my life.

My business partner thinks differently and sends me to a social networking event that turns out to be a singles speed dating event.

I quit grumbling about the situation when a sexy siren takes my parking spot and threatens to lay claim to my heart.

Nicole is a witty, playful, dark-haired beauty who captivates me with her candid boldness.

Now I need to convince her that I’m all in for more than one wild night.


If you love chivalrous alpha protectors and rom-com mishaps, then you'll love Liam and Nicole's love story with a surprise twist ending.


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