Labor of Love

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Small Town Protective Brother Instalove Romance

He’s ready to move on from the past. She’s busy building her career. Can a walk down memory lane forge a new path to the future for them both?


I’m still struggling to be taken seriously as a female contractor in the Harrison and Son’s construction business.

But the challenge to prove myself is worth it because restoring old homes to their original glory is a labor of love for me.

When an opportunity to bid the restoration of a vintage home comes along, I jump at the chance to land the job. But when I meet the owner, I realize I’ve underestimated the power of an old family home with memories and love that stretch a lifetime.

Jayden is kind and compassionate with a smile that makes me weak in the knees.

But can I let my hard as nails persona down long enough to risk following my heart?


The old family home sat vacant for years, holding on to the memories and love from days long gone. And so have I.

I’ll always be protective of my family and cherish the love and memories of the past, but it’s time I embrace my own future inside these four walls.

When a woman with a clipboard and flashlight steps from the Harrison and Son’s truck, she breathes new life into me and the old place.

Marisa is a smart and competent blue-eyed blonde bombshell who can peek into my toolbox anytime.

Can letting go of my need to protect others lead to the restoration of my own heart?


What to expect when you read a Piper Cook book: Short and steamy, fun and flirty, down and dirty instalove romance with swoony men and sassy women. Guaranteed HEA. No cliffhangers. No cheating.


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