Lucky Penny

Curvy Girl Short and Steamy Grumpy Sunshine Protector Instalove Romance

She hears pickup lines all day and isn't in the mood for another. He's a risk-taker, but not when it means risking his heart. Can a simple act of kindness lead to a change of heart?


I deal with rowdy, handsy men all day.

But I'm lucky I found a job so quickly when I got laid off.

When an unpleasant customer tests my patience, a stranger’s generosity makes my day.

Logan is a grumpy, gentle giant who melts my heart and steals my breath away.

But is he just another guy interested in only one thing?


I’ve taken plenty of risks in my life, but I’ve never risked my heart.

But I'm a loner set in my ways, and that's enough for me.

Until she catches my eye.

When an unruly customer gets out of hand, I make my move.

Penny's quick wit and fiery spirit have my heart beating double time.

Is giving her my heart worth the risk?


If you love alpha protectors, a little intrigue, and rooting for someone down on their luck, then you'll love Logan and Penny. Lucky Penny is a short and steamy rom-com with a curvy woman who’s sassy, strong, and more than a little naughty. Guaranteed HEA. No cheating. No cliffhangers. 


LUCKY PENNY is set in the sleepy town of Honey Ridge where misfits are welcome, and family ties are the friends that surround them. Penny's story includes characters from LUCKY CHARM


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