Lucky Stars

A Curvy Girl Short and Steamy Grumpy Close Proximity Romance

She’s on the run in search of privacy. He’s in no mood to deal with other people’s problems. When fate brings them together, will they take a leap of faith and trust in each other?

Rebecca Filmore

I won the lottery on a long shot. Lucky, right?

Not when my name is published, and people come crawling out of the woodwork for a piece of the pie.

Now I’m on the run, trying to lay low.

Only I find myself lost in the mountains with my car in a ditch and nowhere to go.

When a scowling grump comes to my rescue, I’m both smitten and perplexed.

Archer’s a gentle giant with a heart of gold, but he’s tarnished around the edges.

Archer Braddock

I’ve had my share of the limelight, but there’s a dark side I never knew existed.

When my partner fled the country, he left me holding the bag.

Business associates, friends, and the media turned on me.

So, I fled to the only place I could find peace.

The mountains.

And now she’s here causing trouble, and I have no choice but to help her.

But I have a funny feeling I’m the one in over my head.


If you love growly protective alphas, intrigue, and sticky sweet steamy heat, then you'll love Archer and Rebecca. They're on the run, hiding from danger with no one to trust but each other.


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