Playing House with the Nanny

Curvy Girl Short and Steamy Opposites Attract Instalove Romance

She’s busy chasing her dream job. He’s a restless wanderer with aspirations of his own. When a gig job brings them together, will they follow their dreams or give in to their hearts


I’ve had an eye on my dream job for months.

When I land the golden opportunity, I’m ecstatic.

But now I need a babysitter, pronto.

I’m out of options, so I follow my only lead.

Luckily a nanny’s available for my last-minute request.

Too bad I’d rather stay home and play house with him.

Is it possible to fall for someone whose dreams don’t align with my own?


I’m a restless spirit and don’t like to stay still for long.

Working for an online temp agency is a perfect fit for me.

Until I’ve got one foot out of town and get booked for a job.

My charge is a curly little blonde who likes tea parties.

But she comes with a business-savvy temptress who rocks my scones.

When the gig is up, it’s time to decide whether to follow my dream or follow my heart. Can I have both?


If you love alpha men who love indulging little girls with tea parties and tutus, then you'll love Jules. He's ready to show Tracey there's more to love than settling down. Adventure is just around the corner.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Don't forget to grab the NSFW bonus scene linked at the end of the story.


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