Power of Love

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Small Town Second Chance Instalove Romance

She’s all too familiar with betrayal and feeling second best. He regrets his selfish playboy days leaving the one woman he loved behind. Can they put their pasts behind them and move toward a future before another scandal breaks them apart?


Betrayal is never easy, but when it strikes under the guise of intimacy, it’s a low blow. It’s more difficult when it destroys my reputation and takes my job.

But I’ve got skills and I’m forging ahead toward my new path in my hometown.

When I cross paths with a former flame, I’m knocked for a loop. This time around he’s trying to steal my heart instead of just hit a home run.

Jackson is a baseball jock, turned ruggedly handsome bearded Adonis who can take me to third base in the blink of an eye.

Can I trust my heart with someone again or will it ultimately lead to another betrayal?


I hurt the only woman I ever cared about, lost my chance at the big leagues, and now I’m trying to live down my past.

I’ve changed my ways, ditched the playboy life and become a better man.

When the woman I’ve pined for since college reappears in my life, sparks fly, and I know I’ve got to win her back.

Raine is a sassy, smart bookworm who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind.

Can I win her trust, or will I strike out when scandal strikes?


What to expect when you read a Piper Cook book: Short and steamy, fun and flirty, down and dirty instalove romance with swoony men and sassy women. Guaranteed HEA. No cliffhangers. No cheating.


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