Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Instalove Grumpy Sunshine Romance

I want someone who will laugh with me, cry with me. Is that too much to ask?


I get paid to keep people happy. Producers, directors, contestants, and contractors.

If someone’s down in the dumps, just say the word and I’m on it.

I smile and laugh so much my face hurts.

The burly construction guy is tough to crack, but I’m up for the challenge.

He’s brooding and mysterious, and his growl haunts my fantasies.

Can I keep my professional resolve when a tight deadline forces us together?


I like working with my hands.

But this job’s been a thorn in my side, and I can’t wait to hammer in the last nail.

I’ll miss the view, though.

Little Miss Sunshine perks up more than my mood.

Even her lilting laughter gets a rise out of me.

But I need to focus on the job, not chase a skirt.

Will one tempting night be my undoing, or is there such a thing as happily ever after?


If you love a hard-working man who's good with his hands and handy with a hammer, you'll love River. He's grumpy in love and Raelynn's the only one who can lift his spirits.

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