Schooled by my Roommate

Curvy Girl Short and Steamy Enemies to Lovers Grumpy Brother’s Best Friend Romance


Apartment life sucks.

At least it does when an annual building inspection turns up mold in the walls.

I’m stuck without a home while contractors rip out sheetrock and flooring.

Luckily, my brother is on tour with his band, so I can crash at his place.

I didn’t expect to find his grumpy best friend sprawled out on the sofa wearing nothing but a cowboy hat.

Wade’s lean, mean, and the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.

Too bad he needs a lesson in manners and housekeeping.


I don’t exactly have permission to crash at my neighbor’s place.

He only asked me to check on things while he’s gone.

But my roommate has a new girlfriend and things are getting crowded.

If my neighbor trusts me with the keys to his place, he’ll trust me with anything, right?

Doubt that trust extends to his uptight, bossy sister.

Maggie’s the cutest, curviest woman I’ve ever seen, but she’s wound tighter than a drum.

It’s about time she learned to loosen up and get a little dirty.


If you love a hard-working man who's cocky and funny, you'll love Wade. He's rough around the edges, sinfully sweet, and ready to protect Maggie when she needs it the most.

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