Signature Needed

Curvy Woman Short and Steamy Fake Date Instalove Romance

Little white lie, pretend date, and second chance surprises. Can a single date take a confirmed bachelor off the market, or will a wedding reception fiasco lead to an “I don’t?”


After thirty years of marriage, life hands me a big fat lemon called divorce. I’ve wasted my life with a skirt chaser. But I’ll be fine. I am fine. My only concern now is getting through my daughter’s wedding without being a burden.

When the prospect of facing my ex and his arm candy girlfriend arises, I snag an unsuspecting date to save face and lessen my daughters worrying.

Noah is my silver fox pharmacist and I’d like a dose of what’s under his lab coat. But am I ready to find solace in the arms of a confirmed bachelor who likely chases skirts, too?


I’ve been a bachelor my entire life, but I long for more than a night on the town and notches in my bedpost. It’s time to take a chance on love.

Elizabeth caught my eye long ago, but I’m not a man who makes advances toward married women. She’s no longer off-limits, but she needs time to heal her broken heart.

When she tells a little white lie to get out of a bind, I’m more than eager to play along. She can call it a pretend date, but I’m ready to prescribe us a new beginning.

Can we make a real connection that’ll take us beyond one date, or has a failed relationship soured her on romance?

Warning: When this silver fox pharmacist gets his foot in the door with the woman he secretly longs for, he’ll dance the night away to win her heart. If you love cheering for the underdog, cinnamon roll heroes, curvy women, and steamy sweet romance, then you’ll love Elizabeth and Noah.


If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart and love steamy, short, second chance love stories, Signature Needed is for you. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers.


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