Sing Me a Lullaby

Curvy Woman Short and Steamy Secret Baby Second Chance Instalove Romance

One crazy night. Two star-crossed lovers. And baby makes three.


It took a while for the two pink positive pregnancy lines to sink in.

I was a basket case at first, since the father isn’t in the picture.

When he shows up out of the blue, we’re both in for the surprise of our lives.

Regis loves the limelight, but this baby’s about to steal the show.

Will he steal my heart and weaken my resolve to raise our child away from the public's prying eyes?


The first time I set eyes on her, I knew she was the one.

But she slipped out in the middle of the night and all I have is her first name.


There are a million people in the world with that name, but only one woman like her.

When I find her, I won’t let her go again so easily.

But will a surprise baby change everything?


If you love bad boy rockers who fall hard in love, you'll love Regis. He's in for the surprise of his love when he finally finds Stacy, but she has a few surprises of her own.


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