Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Brother’s Best Friend Instalove Romance

A storm is brewing, and it’s only a matter of time before my heart and a lifetime friendship are caught in its crosshairs.


There’s a dark cloud hanging over my love life.

And once again, my brother and his friend are picking up the broken pieces strewn around me.

When a freak storm damages my property, they come to the rescue.

But this time, things are different.

I’ve been in the friend zone long enough.

Sloane’s on my radar, and I’ll use every tool in the box to make him mine.

But will my overprotective brother throw a wrench in my plans?


I’m flirting with danger, but I can’t stop.

A storm blew through town, and her name is Madison.

She’s my best friend’s sister and the woman my heart’s set on making mine.

But she’s off-limits, and instead of mending fences, I’m hanging my hard hat on her bedpost.

Is happiness worth risking friendships, my job, and their family bond?


If you love a hard-working man who's good with his hands and handy with a hammer, you'll love Sloane. He's ready to risk everything for the woman he loves, even if it means losing his best friend.

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