Special Delivery

Curvy Woman Short and Steamy Friends to Lovers Romance

Best friends, secrets, and second chances. Is it too late to find love with the only person I care for when the relationship crosses the boundary of friendship?


My marriage was lackluster at best. Love on the surface, but no passion beneath. Now that the divorce is final, it’s time to move on with my life.

But fate has other plans. Personalized gifts begin arriving via special delivery—gifts from the heart that only someone who knows me well would be thoughtful enough to send. My ex was never attentive, so why now?

When I learn the true identity of my mystery mailer, moving on with my life suddenly becomes much more complicated.

Is loving a man who’s off-limits the ultimate betrayal?


I’ve been in love with my best friend’s wife from the day we both met her years ago. We were a tightknit trio, but everything changed when they suddenly eloped.

I thought I knew everything about their marriage until he turned his back on her and walked away.

It takes time and strength to mend a broken heart and I’ll give Erin both. When the time is right, I’ll make her mine.

But how can I be sure her heart is truly free to love me in return?

Warning: When this protective best friend gets a second chance with the woman he’s always loved, his patience is the key to her heart. If you love cheering for the underdog, cinnamon roll heroes, curvy women, and steamy sweet romance, then you’ll love Erin and Ashe.


If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart and love steamy, short, second chance love stories, Special Delivery is for you. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers.


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