The Marriage Pact

Friends to lovers, second chance, baby daddy

She needs a baby-making marriage match. He's focused on work, not love. Will a walk down the aisle lead to wedded bliss, or is it just another contract obligation to fulfill?


I’ve got three months to marry the man of my dreams and get pregnant.

Strike that. My dream man doesn’t exist, and I’m out of romantic options.

The only lead I have is a marriage pact I signed twenty years ago with a man I barely know.

Roscoe is a sexy stranger who gets more than my biological clock ticking.

But will a quickie wedding and a baby on the way be a recipe for disaster?


Women are only interested in one thing. My bank account.

I want a wife, kids, and a white picket fence someday, but not now.

But when a blast from my past shows up with marriage in mind, it’s an offer I can’t refuse.

Brooklyn is a curvy temptation and instantly wins my heart.

But is there more to our marriage than a business arrangement?


If you love swoony men, second chances, and found families, then you'll love Rosco and Brooklyn's love story. Fate pulls them together, but love seals the deal.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Don't forget to grab the NSFW bonus scene linked at the end of the story.


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